Design Pro Development (“DPD”) has evolved into one of Philadelphia’s most innovative and trusted real estate companies by recognizing the hidden gems in any given neighborhood. With due diligence, their insights and expertise provide investors and clients with accumulating added-value from the start of each effort, leading to meaningful results and exponential growth opportunities. Since being formed in 2015, the company has acquired approximately $15 million in assets, totaling 200,000 square feet, while also selling more than 50,000 SF with a combined value of $21 million.

Logan Kramer represents the talents and successes of leading real estate professionals who bring a synergistic approach to shaping projects. Logan jumped into Philadelphia’s booming real estate market by employing careful due diligence that, along with a relentless commitment to instituting an analytical and extremely selective strategy to acquisitions, would lead gain substantial upfront value in his properties and portfolio. After early successes, value was further created in each project given the selective process of recruiting the leading experienced professionals and contractors to spearhead each effort.



Logan Kramer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Andrew Kazakevich

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Jim Blanda

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Nile Wright

Financial Assistant

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Marco Baker

Lead Sales Representative

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Phil Mauro

Site Supervisor

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Samantha Funk

Director of Operations

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Ryan Brennan

Acquisitions Manager

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