Alex Canady

Director of Development


Alex Canady - Director of Development

Alex was born and raised in Somerset County, New Jersey and graduated from Drexel University’s LeBow School of Business with degrees in both Finance and Real Estate Management and Development.


As Director of Development, Alex is involved in nearly every step of the development process but holds specific expertise in sourcing and underwriting new deals as well as managing soft development of new construction projects. To date, Alex has overseen the design and permitting of 450 units of new construction projects.


Alex’s deep knowledge of zoning codes and trends in the real estate market has given him a keen eye for identifying overlooked opportunities in the market. His extensive expertise in underwriting deals enables him to meticulously analyze and assess potential projects, ensuring they meet rigorous standards for profitability and sustainability that the firm’s investors demand. Having a background in construction project management and an education in finance has provided him with the ability to take a holistic approach to underwriting and modeling deals.