DESIGN PRO DEVELOPMENT is a team that strives towards excellence in every phase of real estate development. We’ve evolved into one of Philadelphia’s most innovative and trusted Real Estate companies by recognizing the hidden gems in any given neighborhood. Our aim is on providing the highest quality services no matter the size of the project. From the beginning, our focus has been in the acquisition stage; recognizing valuable properties and being proficient in zoning codes.

OUR COMPANY’S leadership jumped into Philadelphia’s booming real estate market by recognizing the strength and growth of this burgeoning opportunity of rising market demand in the Greater Center City area. With diligent efforts, our insights and expertise provide investors and clients with meaningful results and exponential growth opportunities. We show our appreciation for our investors by keeping our processes digitized. This allows easy 24/7 access to their investment portfolio from our online portal. 


BY ACQUIRING properties in these overlooked areas, we envision their maximum potential and work with the community to create a finished product that benefits the neighborhood. Our homes can be found in neighborhoods such as Brewerytown, Strawberry Mansion, Fairmount Park, and more. Our primary focus is on building up Philadelphia. One of the ways we execute this is by carefully curating the variety of homes we create. We develop everything from studios for rent to single-family homes for sale to encourage a sense of balance. No community is complete without its families, couples, singles, and more. Our properties are designed to bring this variety to a neighborhood.

BUT WE RECOGNIZE our work does not only affect our buyers and renters. So we do our best to benefit those who live around our projects by creating modern and aesthetically-pleasing exteriors. Our architects focus on clean and simplistic designs to complement Philadelphia’s timeless structures. Most of our projects feature materials such as quartz, wood, and glass to create a contemporary appeal to such historic properties.


EACH MEMBER of the Design Pro team knows they serve Philadelphia first and foremost, so they’re on a constant hunt for ways to help the community. Whether that’s picking up trash or supporting local schools, we’re ready and more than willing to help. We view real estate as something that does not need to be combative but rather can create connections and solid communication. We bring together local investors, agents, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and residents alike to foster new relationships in the community.

WE PRIDE OURSELVES on providing a wide range of price points so that anyone who wants to reside in a given community can do just that. While we make a point to regularly research and implement new design trends, our focus is on making it a home. For this reason, most of our properties in Philadelphia feature lots of natural light, large windows, conversational living spaces, and more to facilitate a warm family lifestyle. Our staff works together closely along with all of our investors, vendors, and contracted talent to ensure we are always delivering the best spaces possible. Together, we hope to build a solid foundation for generations to come.