Brewerytown, Philadelphia is quickly becoming one of Philly’s best neighborhoods to live in. Located in North Philadelphia, Brewerytown gets its name for being home to 9 breweries in the 1800s. Though all 9 were forced to close doors during the prohibition, the recent influx of craft breweries has brought Brewerytown back to its roots. Located just outside of center city, Brewerytown is a highly walkable, cultured, and historic neighborhood.


You’ll see no shortage of good food in Brewerytown. In the market for salad, sandwiches, beer, and ice cream? We recommend Rybrew. You’ll be greeted with hundreds of beers to choose from, modern decor, fast service, and sandwiches you won’t find anywhere else. Order ahead online or even get it delivered. For the best local baked goods and unforgettable bagel sandwiches, we recommend Brewerytown Bakery. They specialize in artisan loafs & bringing new flavor combinations to Brewerytown every week. Living in Brewerytown, you’ll also be just steps away from Philly’s favorite burgers, at Spot Gourmet Burgers. What started as a food cart turned into a fan-favorite burger shop, where they specialize in Gourmet hand-crafted burgers using 100% sirloin beef. Stop by for old music, great service, and incredible food.


This wouldn’t be a Brewerytown guide if we didn’t recommend a brewery. Try out Crime & Punishment for a wide variety of craft beers. You’ll find brews all the way from a hazy double IPA to a rich dessert stout. Crime & Punishment lets their beer steal the show by keeping their food simple. Snack on a pretzel, chips, or pickles next to your strawberry & pistachio sour ale. For a classic dive bar and a game of pool, check out ERA. You’ll find traditional Ethiopian food, cheap drinks, and a dim atmosphere.


Brewerytown is highly walkable, though having the option of a car is always nice. It’s serviced by Septa Route 15, the only line still using vintage streetcars. There are also multiple bus lines to hop on getting you to center city and West Philly. Visit Fairmount & Brewerytown Bicycles for new & used bikes, rentals, and more. Their team will provide you with exactly what you need to travel the city on two wheels.


For Pre-K through 8th grade, your children will be invited to Edward Gideon School, promoting “excellence and equity.” For High School, you’re invited to check out Benjamin Franklin High School. Students say, “I love my school. It’s extremely supportive and our principle is the best in Philadelphia.” Find a complete list of Philadelphia’s public schools here on the district website.


If you’re looking for arts, culture, and an uplifting cup of coffee, check out Lucky Goat Coffeehouse. Family-owned, their atmosphere is designed to present the colors, culture, and art scene of Africa to Philly residents. If coffee isn’t your thing, try a cup of their freshly steeped tea from organic farms in India, China, and Sri Lanka. For an excellent cup and an incredible cause, check out The Monkey and The Elephant, Philly’s first and only non-profit coffee shop. Their focus is on supporting and employing young adults with a history in foster care. Stop by for a cappuccino, a breakfast panini, and a seat in their cozy Philly garden. For café creations and clean breakfast, visit iMunch Cafe. They specialize in offering kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, and more specialized meals that will not only satisfy your taste buds, but provide fuel for your body.


For those focused on staying in shape, check out Steelworks Strength Systems. They focus on safe and effective training, referring to their coaches as “blacksmiths of human potential.” They even offer 3 free classes to get you started. For personal training, group training, and boot camps, check out Fit Academy. Their Brewerytown location features 20ft glass walls and top-of-the-line exercise equipment.


For a quick grocery run, we recommend Jefferson Food Market. For top-of-the-line meat and cooking classes, check out Primal Supply Meats. Check out the local Aldi for deals, specials, and grocery savings.