Block Cleanup

During the spring of 2021, our Design Pro Development staff and the local community came together on the 1700 block of N. 25th street for our very first (but not last!) community block cleanup. Thank you to block captain, Winfield, for keeping the community together and allowing us to make this happen. Stay tuned for future block cleanups and check out our instagram @designprodev for more community updates!

Block Cleanup


In early summer 2021, a group of Design Pro Development staff members and community dedicated their Saturday morning for our second Block-Cleanup of the year. This took place on the 900 block just outside of our office. Great work team!


The SMLC is a nonprofit community started and led by Kevin Upshur that is dedicated to working with kids and young adults by providing a safe haven for educational needs. From promoting healthy eating and education in cooking, to math and science, the SMLC is a well-rounded learning center of positivity and motivation.

We support the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center, and here’s how you can to:


Community Unity Day 

Robert Morris Elementary School is located in the heart of Brewerytown at 2600 W Thompson St. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with the school on multiple events including two Holiday Toy Drives and Community Unity Day where we were able to donate over 70 book bags loaded with school supplies.

Robert Morris School

We find it so important to take part in these local events and contribute to the community in any way that we can, especially when it comes to the youth and education in the area. We’ve built a wonderful relationship with the Robert Morris School and hope to keep the tradition of working with them for years to come.


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter 2018, we were able to sponsor the Branch Family Inc. Easter Egg Hunt. The festivities took place at the Brewerytown Garden located at N 27th and Master Street. Interested in the Branch family’s initiatives in the community? Check them out on Instagram @branchfamilyinc. We hope to continue building our relationship with the Branch family in all of their future endeavors.

Meet & Greet

Real Estate Development in Philadelphia can seem combative but working together is so important to the big picture of residential and commercial improvement in local communities. In August 2017, we hosted our first Contractor Meet & Greet in collaboration with the Brewerytown/Sharswood NAC. Bringing together local electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors increases not only communication and comradery in an often competitive industry, but opportunities for employment.


Kith + Kin Book Drive

Our office neighbor Kith + Kin is a space for young children and their parents to enjoy educational activities, support groups, classes and play for development and connection. With drop-in passes or monthly/annual memberships, it’s a wonderful space for local families to come together with their children. We were so excited to partner with them and sponsor their Holiday Party & Book Drive for the Community Partnership School. With cookie decorating and live music, it was a wonderful mix entertainment for kids and their parents – all for a great cause. We look forward to more events with Kith + Kin. Look for the big blue apple outside their location at 31st & Jefferson and pop in to say hello!

Give and Go Athletics For the past two years we’ve been a proud sponsor of Give and Go Athletics, a sports based youth development program to provide therapeutic and athletic programs to children in the community. They offer activities like basketball, baseball, soccer, school recess coaching, mentoring and creative arts. Executive Director Andre Wright breaks down their Mission, Vision and Operations:
Give and Go Athletics - Photo 1
Give and Go Athletics - Photo 2
Mission – Give and Go uses sports and athletics to promote health, human development and informal learning. Vision – Give and Go seeks to create opportunities for children and families to prevail. We seek the combined efforts of the community to promote positive change in Philadelphia. How We Operate – We use sports and athletics to bring individuals from different backgrounds together to succeed. We serve children and families through community engagement and focus on using the resources that are readily available to us. We promote social entrepreneurship and invest in people and the community. We identify the relationship between sports and spirituality and stress teamwork and perseverance to power ourselves through obstacles.
Want to get involved? Reach out to Andre directly at:
Andre Wright, Executive Director, Give and Go Athletics
c: 267-978-5946 e: w: