Logan Kramer

CEO & Founder
Logan Kramer - Chief Executive Officer

Logan Kramer, Design Pro Development’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is a self-motivated Real Estate Developer and Acquisition Specialist. Educated at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, he secured a diversified education which included expertise with Management Information Systems (MIS), Real Estate Law and Entrepreneurial Concepts.


He has been able to use his Management Information Systems skills to collect data from multiple databases to create algorithms that not only maximize his efficiency, but also drive his competitive advantage over the market. This information allows him to identify potential properties while providing valuable insight for his real estate acquisitions. Self-trained in every aspect of procurement, and with a key eye for creative design, his early experience as a realtor has shaped his understanding of what drives both the buyer and the seller.


As a visionary developer, Logan’s success rests on his ability to identify and capture the hidden market gems that best reflect a property’s financial potential. His expertise in uncovering investment locations in emerging neighborhoods has led him to the ownership of over 125 properties in Brewerytown, Fairmount, Strawberry Mansion and surrounding communities.


By recognizing and securing under-valued properties through creative sourcing methods, he views each property through the eyes of what it can become. In identifying the weak points of any distressed asset, he is able to create its most efficient architectural design. With this futuristic view, Logan has bought and sold over 300 properties in North Philadelphia’s emerging neighborhoods.


In crafting the needs of the community using valuable engineering data, Logan has created feasible and sustainable projects by successfully obtaining over 25 thoughtful variances with the zoning board. These strengths have allowed Logan to identify and shape a multitude of deals that assist property owners with title issues, tax delinquency issues, mortgage foreclosures, nominal transfers, and estate related transactions.


While he is a motivated risk-taker, he is also driven by personal integrity. Logan rigorously protects the wants and needs of his business partners, clients and investors. He makes sure that any project brought before them is one that safeguards their interests and enhances their portfolio. He is passionate about achieving his own personal goals, as well his partners, and this drive and commitment is reflected in the contacts he makes and the results he achieves.


A true Renaissance Man, he’s a source of strength to his family and friends while finding the time to enjoy life’s greatest pleasures. As an avid sports enthusiast, you may find him off-roading, jet skiing, or biking the Schuylkill river trail. Known to feed both body and soul, he’s also comfortable in his fully appointed kitchen when creating exciting vegetarian dishes. Logan works hard and plays hard as he believes a balanced life provides the energy needed to achieve great results.


“When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all.”
–Theodore Roosevelt